day 1: Talkin' $hit

You landed in one of the sweetest spots I could make. I appreciate you coming, so let's get started.

Below you are gonna find some details no one else really knows, made only for your eyes. From me to you. This track took a lot of energy and we are proud of it. Lets peel back the onion and I will show you how it was made.

btw I'm giving away this sound-bite below because it is one of my fav parts in the track and has some real 70's eagle vibes. Kev called it the cord Choir, I called it the "that eagles part" lol

vlog #1

The Light bulb goes off

I was having this idea in my head, and had no other choice but to try and verbalize it on my phone to capture its "essence". Enjoy the first creation of Talkin' - originally titled Fed Up. I shortened it to keep laughs to minimum lol.


truth or dare ya wanna play?
I’ve got nothing left to hide,
everybody knows your fake.

Wanna gamble?
What’s at stake?
Tounging money like its god
your god is just a game

just another Judas
with a contract
I’m just another
dollar ,‘nother day

when your blowing
up my phone, i can
smell you talkin’ $hit
from here to LA

who’s the band and wheres the show?
they look a little spry
do you think they rocknroll?

Nobody listens any more
if you want to make a mil
boy you gotta sell your soul

Take a number from me babe
if the party’s pickin’ up
my people all want paid

Get your agent on the
phone cut the deal and
sign the check let’s turn
up the radio

see you throwing salt
up in my scene. wine and
dine the bottom line. I
ain’t no puppet on a

I think you know just
what i mean. Trade a
collar for the cash pay
a penny for a stream

What you think
we wouldn’t notice?
yeah you think
I got nothin’ to say?
when your ivory tower falls
I’ll be stomping
on your $hit
from here to East bay

I roll
feelin’ soul
i roll
turn up the radio

magic mirror on the wall
man they say that rock is dead
well who’s the deadest of them all?

if your ready grab the dough
cut the deal and sign the check
lets turn up the radio

Whos the band
and wheres the show
they look a little spry
do you think they rock n roll

no body listens anymore
if you wanna make a mil
shut up and sell your soul

Take a number from me babe
if the party’s pickin’ up
my people all want paid.

Get your lawyer on the
phone cut the deal and
sign the check let’s turn
up the radio

The Full Music Video

Deep Dive into Talkin' $hit

Honestly I can recall no body really liking this song besides us 4 dudes. we knew it was fun to jam and slapped but the purpose of the song is anti-establishment so it made a lot of our industry friends uncomfortable. needless to say there are repercussions on all ends of this spectrum but we can"t please everybody nor want to. This song stood as a testament to believe in ourselves despite what 1 person says , even it if was the president.

This song features a "talkbox" on the guitar to help with the whole theme. The idea for it originated from a terrible cell phone recording of me voicing out the whole vibe of the song, then writing down stupid things said to us about our music.

When I approached LA with my demo they were like uh excuse me? no. Kevin on the other hand understood the assignment and lit up the board. We had a blast and it was one of the first ruffs we put together for the last batch of songs. I was not feelin' my voice on the final recordings because I was still sick when we tracked, but every one else dug it so there ya go.

Adam Shoeler ran a little studio in Springfield MO using the late-great songwriter Tom Whitlock's highly sought-after recording gear, and it is there with him and Kevin we tracked our drums for this song. Adam has a keen ear and an old school vibe that we enjoyed, and put a ton of effort into making sure we were done as right as possible

. No joke, he now works in Burbank Cali at NRG with Jay Baum and the rest of the crew. kinda cool if you ask me.

The last post chorus features some soaring harmonies and a little background lead guitar lick that I threw in. I have a one take shot of that recording below.

Again thanks for taking some time to dive into our reality. Join me for day 2 perhaps?

Much love

gear list

Vocals : Shure SM7

Gibson Les Paul gold top

api pres

Empirical Distressor

Heil Talk Box

Fender Telecaster

Ernie Ball Strings Not -Even Slinky's