day 3: Last of the Light Brigade

Ok I am jacked up because I am


I love writin's songs so yeah, most of this is behind the scenes information and deets on the track, above me you have the very first night the song came into existence, and below is a short VLOG with behind the scene footage. go a little further and you can find special one of a kind free downloads avail because you made it here! I dig it,... respect it...

vlog #3


Go ahead and get this while you can - It's a ruff cut in a different syle that I would love to collab on with the right producer. A whole different side of Cord & brigade ahahahaha.

This is a look under the hood at the Piano part I wrote, mainly in one swoop with a few edits. You can download this for free as well.


for war-lords & die for power

It’s written in our stones

600 men known & bound by honor

20 made it home

We surged and sieged as the cannons


Shakin’ crimson soil

All the while the world just


As shadows fled the toiled

  Here and now

The day is long and it smells like


For I belong

With the Last of the Light Brigade

  Men tarot pulsing under


Storm in row by row

Stole their souls for seeds and


The likes they’ll never know

For the love that brings me down 

Where the gods and the generals


Still I march on

With the last of the light brigade

Would you tell my ma

Let her know there’ll be better


For I belong

With the Last of the Light Brigade

 “may there be light within madness”

“honor in pain, and beauty in



You must keep going

You must push forward

Together let us


We march on

 Here and now

 days been long and it smells like death

still I march on

With the Last of the Light Brigade

Would ya tell my ma

Let her know there’ll be better


For  I belong

To the last of the light

Last of the Light Brigade

march on…


The Lyric Video

Deep Dive into Last of the Light Brigade

This song was inspired by one lonesome night. I was fiddling with a melody and chord progression simulationiosly and feel into something that moved me enough to bring my phone out and record it. In my mind I went to far away place unknown to me, midst a battle I was stunned into a timeless existence standing mid field, cannons and gunfire swooshing around my body in slow motion like a marvel film. I titled it brigade because it felt like a united effort on all fronts to charge into next stage of life.
I started messing with riffs on guitar for the song structure, but what really set the tune off for me was when sat down at he piano & pulled some string charts out to starting writing lines for different instruments. The piano was vital and ending up being the bed of which much of tune was arranged and composed on. I geek out on programming and scores big time lol.

There was a haunting and I knew the score in my mind would be a great intro into the “charge” itself. Again the battle hymn, then the battle cry, the charge, the fight, the glory, the pain. I wanted it all to be there and palpable when you heard it.

Live we use a special recording to start the track and sometimes the entire show. Since this song is Inspired by Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade, I decided what better way to commemorate one of the first recordings ever by mankind ( Thomas Edison went and recorded Tennyson speaking this Poem onto one of the first wax records in existence ) being an audiophile I thought this was super dope, and reminded how far we have came as humans in this new world of painting the air with audio.
Below I attached half of a Chump version that you can bump in your car for me. It goes pretty hard and I put it together while digging deep into the vocal recording process.
For vox I wanted to embroider around my voice with something haunting, so I choose to use reverse reverb vocal tails to help paint that picture. I know that is a mouthful, but It adds the atmosphere for the whole song, and there is even some hidden things I say if you listen closely 
This and Talkin’ are the first TROY songs to record in a Drop B position, given us a little more play on things. I also have a demo of my vox that I recorded in a different key around the beginning of the song. We used it to base much of the vibe of the completed finished track! Hope you enjoyed this backwoods instructional on how my brain functions.

Much love!

gear list

Vocals : Shure SM7

Gibson Les Paul gold top

api preamp

SSL Analog Color Box

Modded Golden Age 1073 Clone preamp

Empirical Labs Distressor

1992 Megaphone

Radial DI

Fender Telecaster

Ernie Ball Strings Not -Even Slinky's

Reason Orchestra & Strings