day 1: the gallows

vlog #1


Animation Video

We made this a textural background to our shows when we get to use digital screens.

Deep Dive into the Gallows

what an I say this song is a little different than every other TROY song ever. It has a heavy minor tone and we riff the song in Aminor positon for the axes while in Drop C, which is a sweet spot. one of the longest songs for TROY to date, which is saying something lol. The working demo was called Creepy troy, becaused it all was based off ana chromatic fall of chords with an arpegiated attack. with that i had a melody that would always pop up and with Kevin there I could quickly throwdown a structure and lend the tune some juicy TROY hits. Originally this sucker was just an acoustic guitar part, but we knew it would shimmer on a clean electric so we went for a sparkley tone inspired by the roland jazz amps. The lyrics really help tie up the EP theme, and gives you a look into our full soundscape ability. Live we love to run an extened version of the song with some extra because it does not get on the set list very often. Thanks for coming to my TROY talk.

gear list

Vocals : Shure SM7

Peavey at 220 guitar

Les Paul gold top

api pres

magic fairy dust