Can I send you a Free Cd (and some goodies)?

I'm giving away our album Two Worlds because we have been overwhelmed with the support and response of fans from this CD and want everyone to enjoy it. We will even throw in a little personalized goodie bag with each shipment.

There is also our first album!

We self recorded and produced this album in our genesis years and it has many TROY staples the boys rock to this day. "Out There" was featured on the CW network for commercials after winning a song-writing competition! anyhoo it's a rockin' album & we will throw it in with a massive discount!

from 15$ to 8$

All you gotta do is cover shipping & handling. US shipping is only a few dollars, international shipping is unfortunately a bit more (srry we aren't Ebay) but since you're getting the Two Worlds free hopefully you can cover that!

Two Worlds Cd

featuring "the Reckoning" & "Gallows"

Two great albums

One great price