day 2: Wicked World

alright, this one is a doozy with the KISS principle on steroids.

Day 2 BEGIN!!

There is some pretty cool stuff that happens with Wicked World. Did you hear the secret message in the bridge? hardly anyone knows about it. I can show you later. Below is a short VLOG with behind the scene footage. go a little further and you can find special one of a kind free downloads avail because you made it here! I dig it,... respect it...

Go ahead and get this while you can - It's a ruff barebones groove of WW. No vox just a huge drum kit and pre edits. We did this out in Burbank CALI at NRG STUDIOS. You can see some behind the scenes footage below in the vlog.....golaaaaaaa

vlog #2

The First Demo of WW

This is a little glimpse into the origin story of the song. After getting my first structure I went to a friend who owned a rehearsal studio and he helped me laydown some rough ideas that turned out to be a tremendous catalyst in these tracks getting recorded fully. Wicked World was one of those cuts that fateful day.


We all got something we don't want to talk about
Maybe it's your need to feed the dark side and all its doubt
Maybe it's your kids, the wife, the mortgage you just took out
Yeah we all got something we don't want to talk about

Just don't regret this life you've wasted
Just don't upset the will of man

Don't you know it's a wicked world
Don't you know that it's a wicked world

We all got something we don't want to know about
Crooked cops and murderers just two doors down
Politicians foamin' money from their mouths
We all got something we don't want to know about
I said, I said…

Don't you know it's a wicked world
Don't you know that it's a wicked world

We all got something we don't
Want to know about
Yeah we all got something
We don't want to say

Don't you know it's a wicked world
Friction feeds off friendly fire
Don't you know it's a wicked world
System seeds more slaves for hire
Don't you know it's a wicked world
Count your days til' we expire
Said don't, oh Lord don't you know
That it's a wicked world

Cord jammin' WW solo -pre recording

A captured moment before the Wicked World was recorded in LA, with accompaniment by Chris Mau!

The Music Video

The News in today's society has become highly polarizing. This is a look at today's Orwellian state of affairs.

Deep Dive into Wicked WOrld

Review #1

Above is a cool review from this song when we first dropped it. We were excited to be playing Rocklahoma, and figured what the hellfire, let's just drop this song that weekend. Short notice, probably too early but hey you only live once.

Anyhoo this song took a strong grasp of simplicity and we built a throwback style modern rock song out of it. The quiet to loud dynamics were a big foundation of how we wanted to treat the main sweetspots of the recording.

We went out to LA and Jay Baum decided this was his fav track. Those dudes where high as F just making me sing with the drum takes over and over. Wish they would have used some of the Pre takes.

The Drums have this Zep vibe and were played on a non crusty sweet old school kit. Deets below of that. We got E to lay down some tasty shaker and bang a huge drum for the thunderous parts in the verses.

Kyle and I used Marshalls and a Klon pedal to deliver the meat. Everybody flipped out when I pulled a slide out between takes because I had been thinkin' it would be the lead voice on guitar. I had never recorded slide before so that was a fun challenge, but absolutely adored what it did to grime up the song and darken the vibe.

kane had a mic'd 8x10 class ampeg with svt pro head. mixed with the DI he created this cool hammer on bass part that takes place during the second verse. Love the technique myself and stole it for playing bass in Shamans haha. Thanks Kane!

Unfortunately I don't have as much from this song as others because NRG would never send me my stems, and it could be due to the fact that the UPROAR festival people didn't pay them and that created a black cloud over the whole recording process. It wasn't Ideal but we became a better band because of it. We turned down a terrible deal, and still remain good friends with the talented peeps at NRG. This is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes lol.

gear list

Vocals : 1972 Shure SM7

1073 neve Pres

La2a Limiter

1076 Compressor

Slide guitar

Gibson Les Paul custom black beuaty

KLON Pedal - Dont suck position

Empirical Labs Distressor

Steven Slate digital Mic System

Ernie Ball Strings Not -Even Slinky's

MarshalL Jcm800

Echoplex tape delay