Letter From Hermes Vinyl - Limited Edition

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  • This is special to us because it is the first TROY ever on Vinyl!  
    • This is a one-of-a-kind chance to get TROY’s first pressing in existence! We know real music fans love a tangible experience. Nostalgia meets the future of rock. This Vinyl is a 180 gram pressing to get the best audio quality possible!
    • Early edition run limited quantity- less than 100 left.
    • Album artwork design by The Kosmic Owl
    • Inner inserts includes special Lyric sheet with Credits and liner notes
    • Back cover includes song titles and companies that supported us during this product creation
    • Wav and MP3 Download/stream links will be sent to you within the day of the album drop!
    • Choose your variant of Classic or Signed. Signed comes with autograph on front cover with metallic marker 
Letter From Hermes Vinyl - Limited Edition
Letter From Hermes Vinyl - Limited Edition
Letter From Hermes Vinyl - Limited Edition

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You have got to see them play live they are absolutely amazing. Great bunch of guys for sure.

Marvin Parnell

Yall are incredible live just saw you at Rockville yesterday and I hope y'all get big!

Tessa Janke

Great find, heard this on the Blackcraft podcast and immediately went to add it to my youtube gaming list.


I am Canadian that lived in Kansas City for 3 years love this band and i am telling everyone in Canada that i know about them to listen to this fantastic band.

Rob Kelly

Damn - great voice!!


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